Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweater: Gap

T-shirt: The Limited

Pants: Express

Booties: Payless Shoes

Ring: Simply Irresistible

I've had a quiet week at home after a weekend away and haven't been out and about much. I've got a busy weekend ahead though and I can't wait to start layering up for the winter weather!

I visited a craft fair with a friend this afternoon and am heading over to another friend's house for dinner and drinks tonight. She's got two young children and I know they'll be all over me like white on rice, which calls for easy pieces I can throw in the laundry when I get home! I love the giant fold over collar on this cable-knit sweater. I can't get away with oversized clothes very often so when I find something that works, I'm always super excited!

I'm still enjoying playing around with my new haircut. I'm even toying with the idea of cutting the bangs shorter and going blunt (a la Jessica at What I Wore) for a few weeks. Jury is still out on that one though. I've got two votes for and one against (and a one 'whatever' from the hubby).

Today's my first experiment in going with my natural wave. I think I like it!


Melissa said...

I love that layered top! The longer sleeved shirt underneath is so great with that top sweater!

I'm so glad to see the close-up of you! First of all, your hair is gorgeous and second of all, you are just stunning and it's great to see how beautiful you really are in a close-up!

Jo said...

Great sweater! I love the neckline of it. I like your hair wavy, too.

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