Tuesday, December 15, 2009

See Sara Shop

Spoiler Alert: If your name is Haedyn's Mommy or Aunt Cricket, you may want to stop reading now, lest you spoil the Christmas surprise!

Okay, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with me or my closet, but would you guys look at how adorable this stuff is?

I spent the weekend Christmas shopping and definitely the most fun person on my list was 6-month-old baby Haedyn. She is seriously one of the cutest little doll babies I have ever seen and I had such a ball shopping for her. All I have to say is that Nate better hope our first baby is a boy because I foresee major trouble if we have a girl....

I love seeing babies dressed in teeny-tiny versions of grown up clothes. You'll find me in a velour hoodie any given weekend, so I got Haedyn her very own bumming-around-the-house hoodie.

A denim jumper is like the baby version of The Little Black Dress.

And since we all know I love my animal print, I simply could not resist this cotton top. I wish you could see the details better - it has a little mock turtle neck and ruffles on the front. Love!

And please note the ever versatile denim jeans - because every girl needs good mix and match pieces.

And the piece de resistance! I laughed out loud when I saw this at Target. Ta-Da! How cute is that?

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Autumn Rose said...

Cute Cute Cute!

And a friendly warning...After dressing four little girls I didn't think there would be joy in dressing boys. BUT...Little boys are fun to dress, too. Little boys have a way of making you see the fun side of bugs, trucks and dinos. They are fun to dress in kakhis and plaid shirts to resemble little old men. I just bought my lil guy a tshirt that says "Heartbreaker".

I'm a mom to seven, four daughters and three sons.

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