Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dress: New York & Company

Sweater Vest: The Limited

Boots: Aldo

Necklace: Amy Cornwell Designs

I didn't own a stitch of paisley until I saw this dress a few weeks ago at New York & Company. For some reason it just spoke to me and I immediately pictured it with these boots. When I got home and saw it next to the gray sweater, I knew I had a winning outfit.

Cut to today, when my sidekick at work mentioned not once, not twice but three separate times that this outfit was totally not 'me' and she was surprised to see me in it. Um, thanks?

First of all, I was shocked that she gave it that much consideration (three times, ya'll!). Second, it made me wonder, am I that predictable with my style? You certainly can't accuse me of being repetitive - I simply like new clothes too much to wear things over and over. But maybe everything I choose is so 'me' that it borders on boring?

Food for thought, certainly. Perhaps that's just the impetus I needed to step further outside of my comfort zone and try more new things rather than just admiring how they look on others.


Mary said...

I've had people comment on the "me-ness" (wow, that is so not even close to a word!) of my outfits before & I've had to learn to let them slide. The majority of the time they're not said in criticism, but it's easy to feel like they are. I personally love this outfit-- grey & purple is one of my favorite color combos!

Kiki said...

I think you look wonderful today. O love the color combo and how the ensemble came together. Beautiful!

Raia said...

love ur boots =)

watergirl82 said...

Love this look...and it kinda bugs when people say an outfit I'm wearing isn't me...how exactly do they know what "me" is anyway? But, like Mary, I just let it slide and try to take with a grain of salt. Again, you look fab!

Kimberly said...

People say stupid crap, don't they?! I adore this outfit!! The colors are fantastic and I love the vest over the dress. I could totally see myself wearing this - it rocks!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and sweater, and the leggings. Not sure about the boots with the outfit, but you look cute. I was eyeing that dress for a while in different colors, but the dress came and went and I forgot to go to the store!

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