Tuesday, May 11, 2010

See Sara Shop

I need some advice. I have an interview next week with an organization I've been dying to work at for almost three years. The job is nearly identical to the job that I had prior to my layoff last March.

I've already had a phone interview, but next Tuesday will be my first in-person meeting with the hiring manager. I actually have a series of interviews - HR, the Director of Operations, the CFO and the associates who will report to the position I am interviewing for. Of course, I want to make a stellar impression while also being comfortable in my clothes. I have several suits that would work just fine, but have kind of been toying with getting a new one to celebrate the accomplishment of finally getting an interview! Plus new clothes just make you feel good, right?

Obviously, I have no problem shopping since I do it all the time. But I am struggling with this one a bit. The organization is really laid back - as in, they wear jeans to work most days. I think a black suit might be a bit much? I really like this blue, brown and yellow tweed suit from The Limited - it's memorable and fun and shows a lot of personality. But is it too much personality for an interview? I'd never consider wearing it on certain types of interviews, but given the casual environment of this organization, I'm thinking it might just work. The competition for this job is fierce (seriously, ya'll - like insanely fierce) so I really want to stand out in every way possible.

Thoughts? Would you wear this suit to an interview?


Anonymous said...

Go for a suit, even if they are laid back. I do the hiring for a jeans-are-ok place and am always impressed when potential hires come in having made an effort to wear a suit. Just choose something that breaks up easily into separates you'll actually wear later on.

Good luck!

P.S. Ask a lot of questions - its one of the things I look for.

Kiki said...

I love it! It's put-together and conservative, but something they will remember. Keep the accessories low-key and a nuetral shoe.

Cole said...

You'll look fabulous!! I agree - a black suit is a little too formal for a really laid back company. Add some neutral shoes and simple jewelry and you'll knock them out!

C said...

I think that is a great suit. Good luck on the interview.


Roxie said...

I LOVE that suit but I have also been eyeing it for a while for all my interviews I will be doing in the not so distant future. I would keep the top and shoes very classic and neutral. It is a perfect suit to break up into seperates later on also.

Good luck on your interview!!

Jo said...

I would wear the jacket and pair it with a casual trouser and a pretty blouse. I think the full suit is overkill for a casual environment.

Good luck!

Taylor said...

It's a fun, non-traditional suit. I think it's perfect.

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