Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dress: The Limited

Belt: The Limited

Shoes: Baker's Shoes

Bracelet: Express

I was flipping through my closet last night, looking desperately for some fashion inspiration when I ran across this dress which I haven't worn since last April. The Kelley green is a little spring-y but it's one of my all time favorite colors to wear, so I figured what the heck. We've got about two more days of 80-degree weather before Fall returns and I better make the most of it!

This dress actually came with a much darker brown belt. I prefer swapping it out for this thinner toffee colored one. Plus it gives me a perfect excuse to wear these cage sandals one more time this year!


Melissa said...

That dress is gorgeous. I can see it with a black sweater, black tights and boots in the winter!

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I think that green could work as a year-round color. Just pair it with a dark sweater and tights.

Sarah said...

I agree about wearing this dress with tights in the winter. It is a beautiful color!

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