Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yoga top and pant: New York & Company

Tank: Old Navy

Slippers: Dearfoams

In the interest of keeping things real around here, this is what I've been looking like the last couple of days. Well, not this exact same outfit, of course, because that would be gross. I do have some standards, unemployed or not. But this is my general uniform when I am at home: tank top, yoga pants, some sort of long sleeved top and slippers. In fact, I have a whole collection of yoga outfits and tank tops, amassed during my days as a work-from-home gal, when my biggest fashion challenge was whether to wear the striped tank or the polka dotted one.

But never fear, gentle readers, while I have been mostly holed up in the house this week, attempting to look be productive, this phase won't last long. Eventually every surface will be cleaned, every closet decluttered, every project tackled, every movie watched and I will be climbing the walls to get dressed up and go out. Until then, I've got some fun posts planned to keep ya'll entertained. So stick around, ya hear?


Jo said...

LOL, this is similar to what I look like on my days off, too! :)

D said...

Love your curls!

Roxie said...

Your hair looks really good in this pic!

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