Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dress: New York & Company

Tank: Old Navy

Sweater: The Limited

Shoes: Sam & Libby

Bracelet: New York & Company

Necklace: Amy Cornwell Designs

I spent most of the last week sick with the flu and then went out of town to visit the family for Easter weekend. I came home last night and crashed hard - in bed and asleep by 9pm! Which meant I put zero thought into today's wardrobe.

It's warm here, but the weather was calling for intermittent showers so I thought it might possibly get chilly sometime during the day. I chose a bright, fun printed dress and threw a cardigan over it in case I got cold.

I originally envisioned this belted, but then I realized the stance of the dress is way too high for a belt, so I ended up skipping the belt. Luckily for me, the dress has a really pretty gather on the side, so when I shucked the cardi half way through the day, the dress still looked pretty snazzy all by itself.

Looking at it now, I wish I had worn gray shoes instead. Live and learn (and plan ahead next time!).


Lisa said...

Hi there - I just found your blog and love your totally work-appropriate but still fun sense of style!

The teal green here is such a pretty color - what a great easy dress.

Lesa said...

All the colors I love. Perfect head to toe!

Cynthia said...

Love your outfit today. The colors are great together. Hope you are feeling better. Take care!

QueenDiva said...

Okay... I've been following you for a while... and I have to admit... I love your color choses... but this... I may have to duplicate... the plus size version... GREAT JOB!!!

sanjeet said...

such a pretty color - what a great easy dress.
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