Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sweater: The Limited

Jeans: Express

Boots: Endless.com

Bracelets: The Limited

We went to the local elementary school carnival this evening and then out to a late dinner date. Yes, I know it's weird that we went to the carnival when we, um, don't have any kids, let alone school age ones, but what can I say? We love our neighbor kids who invited us. That, and I really wanted a cake at the cakewalk. Except this school carnival didn't have a cakewalk. Hello? What kind of school carnival doesn't have a cakewalk? I had to settle for a cupcake from the bake sale instead. Probably better for my waistline anyway.

On to the fashion part of the post. That is why you are here, right? My new flat brown boots are making their debut today. I got many fabulous options from you guys when I mentioned the Great Boot Hunt of 2010. It's amazing how a little challenge brings the lurkers out of the woodwork! While no one suggested these particular boots, several of you sent me links to boots on Endless.com (one of my favorite sites!) and while browsing those links, I ran across these. They are a little more burgundy than what I originally envisioned, but I loved the stud details on the back. And they had my size. And they were on sale. I actually ordered these and a pair of Steve Madden's, but the SM's turned out to be too small. That's the fabulous thing about Endless - free shipping and returns, so you're never afraid to take a risk and order something that you're not entirely sure about! A few of my other favorite online stores should consider this policy - I'm looking at you, Victoria's Secret!

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