Saturday, July 4, 2009

See Sara Shop

Friday was an exciting day in my mailbox! First, I got my Old Navy online order from last week. Super cute bright yellow shorts for $5 and a summery flowered tank top that I fell in love with instantly. I'm already scheming ways to work them in to the vacation rotation next week!

The second thing was a gift card from Old Navy! I won the Weekly Customer Appreciation award at Old Navy for being a loyal supporter of their brand. Can you say, SCORE! I had no idea they even followed stuff like this! So I guess, technically now, I got paid to say this, but since I've been saying it for weeks before - I love me some Old Navy!

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Circle of Style said...

Hey closet girl! Way to snag some cute finds! I just purchased two sweet summer dresses myself, from Old Navy..both for like $36!

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