Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweatsuit: Gifted by my hubby

Tank: Old Navy

We are hard at work at Chez Carrington today - decorating for Christmas! This is my official Decorating for Christmas outfit. Yes, I have an official Decorating for Christmas outfit. Don't judge.

Nate gave me this tracksuit the first Christmas we were married. Apparently, after only five short months of marriage, he was tired of seeing me dressed like this so he got me this for staying warm around the house on weekends. Poor man, little did he know that a girl and her favorite sweatshirt are not so easily parted!

Lucky for him, I can take a hint, which is why my closet is now stacked with a rainbow of cute little tracksuits just like this. Who knew tracksuits were the sporty man's lingerie? But no matter how many I collect, this red velvet one will always hold a special place in my {holiday} heart.

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