Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dress: New York & Company

Tank: New York & Company

Shoes: Shi

Earrings: ?

Bracelet: Simply Irresistible

Today was one of those days where nothing I put on made me happy. It was so gray and overcast outside that I felt completely uninspired and just blah with everything I put on.

What's a girl to do when half her closet is discarded on the bed and only 3 minutes left to get dressed?

Pull out a cotton sundress, of course! We've all got them, ladies. Those go-to pieces that we know we can throw on in a hurry. This is one of mine. Super soft cotton, easy basic color, a few accessories and we're ready to roll.

I dressed it up a tad with the cute metallic wedges and then added drop earrings and this new coral bracelet. I am totally in love with this new cute piece! I kind of wish it was black so I could wear it a lot more often - I think the flower is so fun.

By the time I got to work, it was raining buckets and the hair made it into a ponytail only a short time later. I seem to be rocking the ponytail a lot lately. Bad for the hair, I know. But oh so necessary with all this awful rain.

So what's your go-to look when time and inspiration aren't on your side?


watergirl82 said...

I have to admit, my go-to piece is similar...a black, grey and tan print v-neck jersey dress. Comfy, cute and never needs life saver in a pinch! Love that bracelet BTW...

Cole said...

You look so cute! LOVE the shoes.

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