Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tank: Old Navy

Cardigan: New York & Company

Jeans: Express (w10)

Sandals: Victoria Spenser

Ring: The Limited

It's my Friday today! Tomorrow we are headed to South Carolina for my baby sister's high school graduation, so a super short work week for me.

We had a huge summer storm yesterday that brought back some chilly temperatures. The high today is only 61, so jeans and a cardigan were definitely the best choice. Plus the sweater is still super soft for me still delicate skin. The shins were recovered enough for some denim today. Not skinny jeans like I would have liked, but I'll take whatever signs of recovery I can get!


Anonymous said...

Jealous you scored one of those tanks! By the time I got to the ON they were out and didn't feel like ordering them online. Have a great trip! And here is hoping for nice weather and no more damage!

Cole said...

Great business casual look for your Friday in the office!

Boutique Girl said...

Cute tank!

Katie said...

I crack up cuz I know you take all of these pics yourself...I love the poses. Hahahaha, you REALLY need something to do with all this time on your hands. But it gives me a great laugh each morning as I do REAL work...

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