Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Down with VPL

Dear Mass Retailers (I'm talking to YOU - Ann Taylor Loft, Express, The Limited, Banana Republic),

For the love of everything fashionable, would someone please explain to me why you all insist on ruining perfectly lovely trousers with VPL (Visible Pocket Lines)? I mean seriously, how many business women do you know who walk around with various and sundry items stuffed in their front pockets? NONE. That is what a purse and or briefcase is for! So why does every pair of dressy slacks I try on lately have pockets?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the faux pocket - you know, the kind that are sewn shut. They are a lovely detail that can make or break a pair of pants. But actual pockets are a different story. I do not want to put on an otherwise stunning pair of trousers only to be blinded by VPL across my upper thighs. Not cute, Mass Retailers, not cute.

Please cease and desist with the proliferation of pockets immediately.

ClosetGirl (in a skirt)


Sarah said...

Here here!

Paige said...

Have you tried the Editor at Express lately? I never have VPL when I wear mine...

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