Sunday, August 23, 2009

See Sara Shop

My love affair with shoes is no secret. A girl can never have too many pairs in my opinion! I've tried really hard to be good lately, but OH MY WORD there are some amazingly beautiful shoes coming out for fall!

One fall trend I couldn't resist? Hardware!

Although I want every single pair featured in InStyle's August preview 'Heavy Hardware' (page 155), I just can't stomach $200 for a 'trend' that will be over by spring. But $15 for these cuties at Baker's Shoes? That I can handle.


Sarah said...

Only $15 bucks??!! Such a steal!

Cole said...

Those are so cute!

Bianca said...

ooh - i love these! and what a great deal!

Milly said...

I bought them too...Got them in Brown
I couldn't pass them for that sale price!

Mel said...

Those are adorable!

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